My Greek kitty crew

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Off to see the world


Dear friends 
THANK you SO much for your great response and for your warming donations/purchases of cards. For the moment being I will leave the cards for sale on Etsy and eventually renew the listings with new images. Each and every purchase/donation is hugely appreciated.

Now I would like to update you on the story of Ellie, the orphaned 10 day old baby kitten I found 6 weeks ago. Thanks to our great vet I have got this short but very tangible video of what she looked like when I had just brought her to the vet. She was found during days torrential rain and very cold temperatures - and I kid you not when I say that she felt like something that had been pulled out of the freezer for defrosting. The poor thing had probably never opened her eyes but the chock and comotion of this ordeal made her open her eyes. What a way to say hello to the world. Just have a look at this brief video - she couldn't walk either. It's questionable whether she would have lasted even an hour. Luckily after being rubbed dry and put on a hot water bottle at the vet she quickly regained her body temperature and stabilized.

Well, the weeks has passed by very quickly and she has grown into a most beautiful little kitten (yes, I know... they all are) but she truly is adorable. 

Last weekend, when we finally had some beautiful sunshine and mild temperatures again, she was allowed a journey into the great big world.

Everything was scrutinised with such an itensity - here she is falling in love with the scent of  the lavender bush. It's the most engaging and magical live theatre you could imagine - like you become a child again just watching her.

The bigger guys already loves her - it's obvious this bitty size couldn't be a threat to anyone and they adore playing with her. Now she just needs to grow a bit bigger before she can be a fully fledged explorer!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your kindness


Over time I have recieved so many kind and encouraging words from you all BUT also I have received a number of inquiries about the possibility of donating towards the cats I rescue. I've been wondering about how to make this possible AND HERE IT IS!!

 I am delighted to introduce these quality cards made from a selection of my favorite images of the cats that I have rescued and I love the idea of them now being part of raising funds for themselves. These cards are now listed in my Etsy shop and ALL proceeds goes towards food, neutering and medical care for all the cats (and the dumpster cats I daily feed). Winter has set in and feral cats just keeps dropping into the garden and I've finally given up counting the numbers! But I now daily feed approximately 45 cats and as you can imagine the cost constantly rise and I won't compromise on the quality of food. Many of the cats that live in the wild desperately needs a proper food to keep them warm.

You can donate/purchase in the following way:
One large blank card with a colored image mounted on carton (that enhances the colors in the image) for $5  or a set of three small blank cards with black/white images mounted on black carton (and a white paper slip inside for your message) for $10. 

Whether it's one large card or a small set of three cards - they all come with white envelopes and a label on the back with the  Pythagoras quote I use under my blog title: "We share with animals the privilege of having a soul." Cards and envelopes are neatly tied with a burlap string and carefully wrapped in tissue paper. 

 You can see the collection here on my Etsy shop - and I'll add more over the next few days. For any further inquiries about the cards please leave a comment or drop me a note:


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mystery boys

I'm way behind with the rescue stories - things are very busy here and cats lovers of this island have just finished the second round of cat neutering which again was a great success. More about that in some later post.

Anyhow... I found this adorable couple freshly (it seemed) dumped at the side of the road almost 6 weeks ago. I spotted them because the little one was running out in the middle of the road and I knew I had to stop if this one was to be prevented from being run over. Well, turned out there was another slightly bigger kitten just in the side of road hiding in a bush. The little one was 6 weeks and the bigger one 10 weeks. Luckily I happened to have a cage in the car and I instantly scooped them up - no way could I leave them behind. As I drove away I discovered a car hidden behind a bush and a couple standing behind the car looking towards me. I felt convinced they'd just dumped the kittens there. The were so easy to handle and were quite plump, for sure they'd been well fed - maybe so they'd survive longer trying to fend for themselves?? Maybe casulties of the Greek crisis, which have hit Greek people hard.

 Maxi interacting with his new mates

No matter what, these boys were a bit of a mystery to me. They clung to each other like brothers and they look like brothers - but no way can they actually be brothers. The little one is for sure at least 4 weeks younger. At first I named them Mini and Maxi (yes, how imaginative is that, lol!). Poor Maxi (bigger boy) - only a tiny kitten himself and yet he had to act as the bigger brother and look after and nurture his little "brother".  It was of course very sweet and tender to see them together but it was also obvious that Maxi had a need to be with kittens his own size. Mini was actually a bit too little to play with (kittens under the age of 6 weeks shouldn't interact with bigger cats) and it was obvious that it did get just a little too rough for Mini sometimes. But luckily... after a week in confinement they were introduced to the rest of their new slightly bigger kitten mates and they blended in just beautifully (they are so well behaved). This meant Maxi suddenly had new friends his own age and it was obvious a load was taken off his tiny furry shoulders.

 Toddy (Mini) watching the wild games safely tucked under a lavender bush

Whilst Maxi was having a hoot, Mini (because of such a great character has since been renamed Toddy) spent a week hiding under the cupboards. All the wild games was a bit too overwhelming but then he became bolder and has since caught up with the bigger guys, no longer intimidated by their size. Last Saturday Toddy was introduced as a playmate to Ellie. She was only 5 weeks old and needed a gentle mate. Toddy was such a perfect match - he is tender and not actually that interested in fierce combat.

The delights of playing in a safe environment - and a curious little onlooker!

It was alo such a delight introducing these two boys to the garden. It's a little haven where they can safely romp and play hide and seek. You can imagine the magic when you have a garden full of kittens of various sizes all playing hide and seek together. The pay off for rescuing these precious little souls is immeasurable.

On a different note I've got some great and exciting news I want to share with you all so do be sure to pop by in a few days time!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Distributing love equally

Just wanted to answer a question which has appeared in the comment box several times recently. Is there as chance of some of these rescued cats being adopted?

The answer unfortunately is no. In this country cats are considered rodents and a story of a cat with all the comforts of a loving home (like being allowed indoor) is very hard to come by.  When moving here I knew the cat situation would confront me because I come from a country (Denmark) where the cat shelters alone would seem like a top-notch-1st-class-hotel to any Greek cat. As a matter of fact - a homeless cat is extremetly rare in my home country. 

At the moment there's new kittens sat at every dumpster and it's heartbreaking. So of course I do what I can but with an ever growing number (it's reached 26 or 27 with recent cats appearing from the hillsides) it poses a bit of a contradiction. Most of them crave love and affection - and there's only so much one person (with the loving support of my DH) can do. Luckily, many of the rescues (formerly unknown to each other) strikes up friendships and finds a snuggle-buddy, offering each other comfort and warmth. For the moment I try to focus on the many new kittens (I will get to all the stories eventually) making sure they have a bit of extra love and attention - many of them having been abandoned at a way too early age.

Here's just a few images of Lilly (you might remember how sad she looked). She's had lots of TLC and loves darting around in the garden with her many new friends.  

There's nothing I love better than giving each of these little lives a bit of special attention - but soon I'll have to develop octopus arms!