My Greek kitty crew

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A rare flower


That's what she was. Lilly... a rare flower.
Thank you all - for your kindnesses and comforting words and for your incredible generousity. I feel and have felt so unbelievably supported during what has been such a testing time. I thought you might all like to know that your donations has almost entirely covered the veterinary fees for Lilly and for the many vaccinations needed. I am just overwhelmed at the kindness of "strangers" - and yet you are not.

During my time grieving the loss of Lilly I was surprised to realise that we only had her with us for 14 weeks. It seemed more like she had been with us forever. I can't reason with the reasoning mind why I felt such a sting at the loss of her... I mean when you've had a cat for such a short while. But she was a rare one. When you rescue a cat - or a kitten in this case - you get attached in a deep way. The top image is taken just moments after I brought her home (you can read her rescue story here). She was rescued from an abandoned building site and she just had the saddest look in her eyes. And yet she was such a precious and naked little bundle (naked from skin fungus).

The little soul behind these eyes just instantly got to me and I fell so much in love with her.

After recovering from her skin fungus she was introduced to her many friends... here she is standing upright in the doorway curiously looking at her new roomies.

Here she is testing her own strength with Rosie... Lilly was no push-over in spite of her much smaller size.

Lilly and Rosie playing with my shoe-laces...

- and Lilly enjoying being the center of attention!

These last images are from November and December where Lilly was begining to be a beautiful young cat in her own right. 

On a sunny and mild December morning... 

Her life was too short but she did reach her full bloom...

- and I have to guess that she fullfilled her purpose in life. I like to think that things happen for a reason and it already feels as if much has changed around here since she passed. Her passing has been a catalyst somehow and now we need to see what the year has in store. 

Soon things will return to "normal" - at least for those cats that have sat in isolation and when we once again sit together on the garden steps we will have a quiet moment for Lilly looking out on Lilly's Heaven... the garden where she is laid to rest.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear friends...


I am heartbroken.

The first week of 2012 had nothing good in store for me.
A few days in a deadly virus among the cats of the island spread like wild-fire (it's s very small island) and struck the beautiful Lilly (the last one I mentioned in my last post). The virus is vicious and even though she fought hard and valiantly her little body got eaten up by the virus. She died this morning. 

Last week I couldn't breathe - fearing for Lilly's life and fearing for the rest of my cats. The close knit core - my special rescues are now sat in isolation in four different places. They can all be inoculated after 10 days. I pray no one else shows any signs of outbreak. 

I am now faced with 24 vaccinations and medical expenses for Lilly on top of now feeding 50 cats every day. If you find yourself able to donate I will be ever so grateful. I have created a donation button on the right side of this page. 

This girl was so special to me. She got into my heart in a deep way. She was such a fine, ethereal and sentive soul. She loved most of all to lie in my lap in the mornings, when I would go and have my morning coffee with the crew. She would suckle the tassels on my scarf and purr in a blissed out state. Also she loved playing with her brothers and sisters. After their lovely games they would all collapse and huddle up together. Today when I told her brothers and sisters of her passing they all became still and huddled up together. 

She has been laid to rest in her beloved garden, which today I have named Lilly's Heaven. It's where she found shelter, safety and a life (although way too short) full of love. She was loved by all and she will be eternally missed.

Please bear with me for my absence visiting you all whilst I try to recover from my grief and mend my heart.