Nine steps to communicate with your animal

Here's nine steps to start communicating with your animal. With a bit of patience you can get amazing results:

1. Create a quiet and calm atmosphere and give yourself lots of time. Mentally surround your animal with love and patience.

2. The animal will 'call you' by looking directly at you for a long time. Or:

3. Call the animal with your thoughts without any movement. Create a mental imagery of the animal coming to you. Nine out of ten times the animal will indeed come up to you and look at you.

4. If the animal doesn't want to talk with you then respect it and try some other time. The communication has to be on the premise of the animal.

5.  Create a relaxed eye contact.

6. Aim what you wish to communicate at the back of the head of your animal. A feeling, a simple thought, a simple question  - and preferably followed by a simple imagery.

7. Concentrate on the animal and be quiet inside. Be as relaxed and open as possible and wait to see what the animal has to say.

8. You will receive an imagery, a word or a thought into your consciousness from the animal. Have belief in it and let it have its impact on you, even if it might appear peculiar.

9. Make an agreement with the animal if you wish for it to change its behaviour and promise it a reward. Wait for the change to appear! And remember to keep your promise about the reward!!

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Dearest Joan,

Great points but at least the animal has to be 'present'... This will be hard when they're off roaming around. It is scary all the time as we LOVE them and want to protect and shelter them from any harm.
Love to you,

Well! Very interesting post! I am sure you are right there!!
Cornelia said…
Each step offers an unique path of exploration into the amazing garden of unexplored human potential in the presence of God's grace to the human race - the innocent souls of anima(ls) entirely with your very touching and warming mindful blog title 'God's Little People'. I find it amazing educational and bringing much wholesomeness as the exploration of the first step has so much to give. It is great to realise that there exists much to find out and reach for as a promise, as health bringing vibrations, as very enhancing healing and as a needful way of going on.

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