The healing power of cats


Cats are said to have many healing powers and I think this picture captures it in a nutshell... The power to disarm where hardness rules!

I believe anyone with a cat knows it will try and comfort you if you're feeling sad by nuzzling its head against you.  Here's a few other remarkable facts:
  • Cats lower stress levels
  • Cats lower the risk of heart attacks and stroke
  • Cats purr help strengthen bones
  • Cats help children develop resistance to atshma


Anna E said…
Oh, this picture goes right to "the core of the bones": Isn´t it just so convincing to just put down the weapons, dress casually and go out and enjoy life as it was always ment to be? The cat in this picture is such an eyeopener, and shows how far off humans have gone in their strive for power...unbelievable.
Knatolee said…
Joan, you and I should be in great shape if this is all correct! ;)))

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