The story of the weeping camel

If the story of the elephants Damini and Champakali touched you, you will undoubtalby be moved by this story too. In an age where things move at such a rapid speed, this movie is like out of another place (which it literally being set in the Gobi Desert), because it moves at a 'soul speed' which allows for the story to reach you at a deep place in yourself. If you too like stories that shows that animals have feelings, you will love this unusual movie.

Brief synopsis:
In the spring of the Gobi Desert, in South Mongolia, a nomadic family of shepherds has troubles when one camel has a tough two days delivery, immediately rejecting the offspring. The family unsuccessfully uses their best efforts trying to force the female to accept and feed the newborn. When there is no further hope of saving the animal, they send their two sons to bring a musician from the nearest town to perform a ritual and save the "baby camel".


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