Bless the cat man


A couple years ago my husband spent a few hours around the spectacular Acropolis in Athens - a favourite place we keep returning to. During the walk he met an old greek man who had the company of a couple of cats. He told my husband that he fed the stray cats and without the man having asked for money my husband gave him a donation towards feeding the cats. Later in the day he called me and told me the story of the encounter with this 'bushy faced' kind man who fed the cats. I absolutely loved it because I get so distressed about the state of the stray cats in Greece (and dogs for that matter).

Then this evening - doing a bit of browsing as I always do looking for little stories, I suddenly came across this picture of the "cat man" in Athens! I felt certain it had to be the man my husband had met... and sure enough. It was the same man.

I wonder what his story is, but whatever it is, I want to say bless the "cat man".


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