Squirrels with attitude!!

Well, talking about squirrels... I must introduce you to the squirrels that live inside Central Park in New York. Here we are talking about squirrels with REAL attitude!

A few months ago I visited NY for a week and spent each morning feeding the birds and squirrels in Central Park. The squirrels are the most fun because they are so audacious picking peanuts right out of your hand if you let them. Be warned though, they can get a little carried away and try and nip a bit of your finger as well :-) But sweet and cheeky - and they most certainly made my day!

If you like beautiful animal/nature photography go visit palemale.com It's a photographer who takes pictures of animal life in NY... and don't think that you won't see extraordinary animal photography just because it's right in the middle of NY. These photos are truly exquisite.


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