The window of the mystic

Tarsier - worlds smallest monkey

If you've read all the quotes that I've posted on this blog you'll find that they all have a common thread. Whether philosopher, thinker, spiritual leader, president, first lady, writer, ethologist, gentleman or lady... they all have or had an inspirational humanity and strong sense of kindness and empathy towards animals. They have all inspired other humans... and may I say with good reason. All these so-called wise people have all been connected to something deeper or higher which have been the motivating factor in all they did/do. Personally I believe these people inspire a very great deal about what it means to be located in core human fundamentals.

What as a human motivates and moves your life?

Here's some words from primatologist Jane Goodall:
"Thinking back over my life, it seems to me that there are different ways of looking out and trying to understand the world around us. There's a very clear scientific window. And it does enable us to understand an awful lot about what's out there. There's another window, it's the window through which the wise men, the holy men, the masters, of the different and great religions look as they try to understand the meaning in the world. My own preference is the window of the mystic".


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