Without warp?

No, they're actually not computer coloured.

In an interview the 'author' of this photo first of all talks about having been worried about applying the coloration but then goes on to say that the 'cats were so vain' that they loved it. He then describes how the colour was mixed 'to get the right ice-cream pastel colour'.

This case in point might be the mild end of the bar but when it comes to human warp with animals it starts with letting one minor thing slip by - but doesn't the question then arise: Where do you draw the line? And whose line is it? Yours? The animal? A greater intelligence?

At the other end of this bar you have chained bears dancing to 'entertain' tourists who are willing to pay. The list of these kinds of atrocities is endless but what they all have in common is that they're all the result of human warp.

We are all 'the authors of our own book' and therefore responsible for what is written into it.

What will you allow to be written in yours??

I've never been able to understand why it is necessary for humans to interfere with animals. You can't perfect something that is already perfect.


Anna E said…
It´s so so true!! And these cats don´t even look "pretty", it looks rather disgusting. And imagine how their level of protection in nature would be with these kind of outstanding colours!?! Might be the birds and mice are warned on beforehand when seing a stange cat like that, so perhaps is to the benefit of those litlle fellows? ;-)

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