A beautiful spectacle

When I was about 6 years old I went camping with my family at a beautiful nature area. I remember there was this pen with a few horses where children could have a ride. 

One evening I stood on the other side of the fence watching the owner grooming the horses and putting them back into the stables one by one. When she was done with the last horse she asked me if I wanted a ride. Shyly I declined  - it wasn't at all what I was after. I can understand why she thought I might be wanting a ride, but I was just absolutely mesmerized by the horse and it's sheer size. I believe it would probably have been the first time I saw a horse and I remember how almighty it's presence felt.

I've never been a horse girl like many young girls but by God I love it's sheer power and magnificence. Today I love watching a wild galloping horse... I think it reminds me of the human spirit running free. It's a truly beautiful spectacle.


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