A kind and safe home

For each time I've visited Greece and come home without one of the countless homeless kittens, I personally believe I should be awarded a "Toughness Award". Overall they are faced with a life full of misery, disease and appalling treatment. Having once worked at a cat-shelter I did very soon realize that I couldn't personally save them all even though I would really love to. 

Do you know anyone who can and wants to home a Greek kitten? If so, write me an email. My companions at The Greek Cat Welfare Society are desperately looking for overseas homes for kittens. They come free of charge with a passport, microchip - and if they are old enough they will also be vaccinated.


sunshine said…
Hello, I would love to have a Greek Kittie, unfortunately I have two dogs that would like to have him in gyro! I will keep it in mind though and if I know of anybody will let you know!

Please ck my blog today, there's an award there for you!!! Thanks for you blog :)
Ooh, I didn't even know about your blog... thanks so much for the fine mention! I'll be returning to your lovely blog for sure ;-) What a goofy sweetheart Sheba looks like!!

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