Eat or be eaten


Off to New York and I can't wait to feed the birds and squirrels in Cetral Park... also to see the hawks that terrorizes all the smaller mammals living in the park. They can literally stop people in their tracks when the 'preying' drama unfolds. It's both fascinating and gruesome to watch. You can't but be fascinated by the hawks and their ability to create drama, but at the same time you feel so sad for the prey. 

Particularly in these pictures above, where it's a tiny baby squirrel that becomes the feast.

I continue to wonder about this cycle of nature. Is it simply a matter of 'eat or be eaten' and survival of the fittest?

Click on the pictures or go to Pale Male - the details are truly astonishing! At Pale Male you can also see more photos from this particular drama and you simply won't believe what this photographer is able to catch with his camera.



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