Pockets of happiness

This morning on my way to work, I saw a lovely little scene play out whilst I waited at the traffic lights. A real big man with a real small dog were also waiting at the lights and the little doggy was so keen to continue the walk, that when they were able to walk on, the little dog jumped and ran and spun around itself from sheer eager and happiness. It was obvious that it wasn't that easy for the man to run, but he did a little run and a skip just to share the delight of his little dog and it struck me just how happy it made me watching that lovely little theatre.

Then there's the little old lady who lives somewhere nearby, who takes her tiny dog for a walk daily. It's the most loyal, faithful and loving affair they have together and I often send them a little prayer whenever I see them at a distance, wishing them a long and happy life together.

Or when Obama hit town for a few hours a couple of weeks ago...
Everyone had lined the streets to get a glimpse and were literally standing on top of each other. Just a few meters back from the crowd and the hurry scurry of it all there was a woman with an another absolute sweetheart in her handbag, protecting it from the crowd and the cold. It kept me happy during a wait that seemed like forever before the man himself appeared, and yes, the lasting impression was that of the woman with the little dog in her handbag!

What lovely little pockets of happiness - they all made me feel so uplifted.


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