So there's a God after all :-))

Well, what do you know? Sometimes you find the most abominable lack of justice - and then there's this story (thank you Anna!) which is almost hilariuos...

Extract from the Daily Mail
Migrant facing deportation wins right to stay in Britain... because he's got a cat

An illegal immigrant was allowed to stay in Britain because he had a cat, it was revealed yesterday.

The unnamed Bolivian was spared deportation after he told a court that he and his girlfriend had bought the animal as a pet.

Immigration judges ruled that sending him back home would breach his human rights by interfering with his family life.

The decision by the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal caused 'disappointment' at the Home Office and amazement among anti-immigration campaigners, who questioned why the existence of a pet cat could be considered relevant to an immigration case.

Sir Andrew Green of the Migrationwatch think tank said the argument over the cat was 'utterly absurd' and reflected badly on the attitudes of judges.

Court papers on the case have kept secret the name of the cat alongside that of the immigrant as part of its privacy procedures.

However one immigration judge, Judith Gleeson, remarked in the official ruling that the cat 'need no longer fear having to adapt to Bolivian mice.'

The cat ruling was made by immigration judge James Devittie after the Bolivian submitted evidence that claimed joint ownership of the pet with his girlfriend demonstrated he was settled in Britain and it would break human rights rules to remove him.

Maybe the judge is simply a cat lover!! LOL



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