Are they a mere commodity??

There's something seriously disturbing about how difficult it is to find a picture of a mink in it's natural habitat. If you make a search on the web for any other animal you will find plenty of photos, but if you make a search for mink all you get is fur coats!!

There's just been a major outcry in my country because of a secret footage of farm-minks living in appalling conditions, badly bruised and with injuries. Well, the uproar won't last long. As one woman told me the other day... "I better wait a few weeks before I wear my new mink coat."

To think that these creatures should live a life like that, and then just to be skinned so that humans can ADORN themselves.

Whatever happened to the sanctity of life? Do we really believe that animals are only a commodity?

I'll be diplomatic and leave out all the swear words. I'm sure you have your own words to fit this kind of human atrocity.


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