Adopt a mouse!


I love these catnip mice found at Viva Le Chat. It's a great little gift for any cat or cat lover. Most of all I just love the sentiment behind why the creator started making these. Here's an extract from the shop statement:

"This shop was started as a way to raise money to pay for heart surgery for my darling kitten, Viva le Chat. Unfortunately, her life was much too short and she died of heart failure on June 23, 2008 at 9 months old. I miss her so much.

In Viva's memory, I donate a third of what I earn to, an organization that raises money for people who cannot afford necessary emergency vet care for their companion animals. Without imom's fundraising efforts, these animals would die."

Yay, isn't it lovely that there are people like that out there?!! Gonna have to try a few of these for Christmas... don't think they will last for long though!

The top picture is one of her new kitties having a hoot trying to chew one of the mice to bits!!

All pictures from Viva Le Chat.


KimK said…
Wow! I actually have one of these mice - and they hold up really well to attack cats. Our two cats have claws and the mouse is still in fine shape. I think the kitties love the mice enought that they don't destroy them. In addition to pouncing and digging at the mouse, they also lick and groom the little mouse. Definitely a top toy at our house.
Brilliant!! Can't wait for mine to arrive. Think they'll have to be tested before Christmas and I'm sure they're in for some pouncing and grooming in this household too :-)

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