One special lady

Since the birth of this blog I thought that I would one day write a post about Samantha Khury and since Sunshine, a fellow lover of animals, wrote a post yesterday wishing for a super power to be able to communicate with animals, I thought it was time.

Well, first of all I couldn't agree more about that kind of super power. God, that would be something!! But I'm not sure humans would really want to hear what the animals would have to say - maybe that's why humans don't really make an effort to 'listen' to them. It'd probably be too horrific to hear what most of them would have to say!

But... Samantha Khury has this gift and she is awe inspiring. I once saw her in a documentary and it's the most heart warming thing to see her in action. Profound really. Here's a small quote about the documentary:

"Samantha Khury is an "animal therapist and psychic" who has convinced skeptical pet owners, zoo keepers, and race horse trainers that she really can "talk" to their animals. In I TALK TO ANIMALS we see her at work counselling race horses in need of leisure time, depressed cats, and misguided ants. And we hear from owners and trainers who describe how their animals' behavior changed following Samantha's sessions, and how she told them things about the animals that she "could not have known" - unless the animals told her themselves."

If you want a Christmas present this year that will warm your heart, make you happy and no doubt move you deeply, then go to Strange Attractions and order the movie. Sounds corny, but it was a life changing experience for me to watch her in action!

P.S. You might want to revisit this post from February 28th about how to communicate with your animal. It really works!!


sunshine said…
I think humans don't even want to really listen to each other anymore, nevertheless 'listen' to animals. Most humans have lost touch with their soul and instinct a long time ago. So the real question will be, would the animals want to talk to some of us humans???
I'm going to order Samantha's documentary, for sure!
Yes, you are absolutely right, humans don't listen to each other anymore. It's a lost art too! I think you'll love the documentary on Samantha, it's simply so sweet and touching.
dkhd72 said…
I took her class in 2007. It was pretty cool. I had already had some animal communicating under my belt. But I had a bearded dragon @ the time who kept jumping off my porch( I lived on the 2nd floor) . I asked about that- She said- missed the distance- she's good. Picked up on my energy right away. I work @ the track. The horses tell me some funny stuff. I wish she would make n appearance

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