Enlighten the existence of animals


How do you "dispense" your presence as a human?

After writing the posts about St. Francis of Assisi and St. Modestos I wondered what it was about their presence that attracted animals. It is said about them both that they were enlightened and I believe that it is exactly this enlightenment that they shared and enhanced the lives of animals with.

I thought about the phrase 'to carry oneself with presence' and just found this description on the website of an emergency service where they talk about 'command presence': "Command presence is essentially presenting yourself as someone in authority, trusted and respected. This is partially done through the message conveyed by how you LOOK, how you CARRY YOURSELF, how you ACT, and how you SPEAK"... and to portray "I am in charge of this situation."

Well, what a great description but the question then arises doesn't it, how do you look, carry yourself, act and speak?? What are you an authority of? Are you trusted and respected? Are you in charge of the situation? It is clear that we all have a presence, whether it is strong and radiant or dull and dismal and we all know that our surroundings (humans and animals alike) respond to us accordingly.

This naturally applies to us as humans throughout, but just to bring it back to dealing with animals, then it is obvious that Jane Goodall has something in her presence that attracts animals. It is said that Steve Irwin had it. Animals just gathered around him. It is clear that those saints had it. As I've written about in an earlier post, I believe humans have both a soul and a spirit and that animals only have a soul. It is therefore our responsibility to enhance and enlighten the existence of animals.

Those that mistreat animals are known to live petty and miserable lives and it always comes down to how we portray ourselves to ourselves first of all, but what a marvellous thought that we have this great responsiblity and dominion over animals... if we learn how to dispense it well.

This gorgeous photo is from Tanakawho's photostream.


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