Sublime and mysterious gifts


So... back to the inspiration from the other day. I got this email from what I consider to be 'great warrior friends' at Friends of Animals in Athens. They work to save the homeless, sick and mistreated dogs and cats living in Athens. The email was to announce a Greek Othodox blessing of the animals in the month of December. Each pet - or stuffed animal for those children without furry friends - is blessed with holy water and the special prayer of St. Modestos. Well, it's a lovely idea... but what about on a daily basis?

It is said that Greek Orthodox churches around the world celebrate St. Modestos throughout the month of December. Saint Modestos (early predecessor of Francis of Asissi) is the patron saint of animals in the Orthodox Church and it is said that he had a great affection for animals—he saw them as sublime and mysterious gifts from God. Often he would bless the livestock of the faithful, praying for their health and survival, and glorying in the vastness and beauty of all God made. In fact, he has been known for centuries as a patron saint of domestic animals.

Well, if it's about celebrating the life of Saint Modestos, then how about celebrating it on a daily basis? No, I don't mean by people dragging their animals along to the church each day, but by being the living example of this kind of greatness (or great kindness). If you've ever travelled in Greece (or if you live there) I'm sure you'll agree that they could do with a whole lot of celebrating St. Modestos!


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