Thank you!

At the beginning of this year I sat out to write a diary. I wanted to try and keep a record of every day and thougth it would be interesting to look back at what really had seemed important to me. I valiantly tried to write every day, but to be perfectly honest it felt like hard work to keep up with it. Until I came across a blog called "Record the day". It's got absolutely nothing to do with animals - actually it's about someone being passionate about fashion. But it suddenly hit home what my diary should be about... it had to be about what I felt passionate about. Obviously!! My paper diary lasted until the 22nd of February... the day I started this blog. The last entry reads "Have decided to create a blog about animals" and then I'd put down a whole long list of stories and quotes that I wanted to write about. That was the  most important thing - it suddenly flowed out of me with ease! It didn't matter to me whether anyone read it or not, because I did it for the sake of all those lovely feelings that moves through me when I'm in some kind of close proximity with animals. But... then a magic thing began to happen. A person here and a person there became a 'follower' of the blog which has been a source of such inspiration to keep going. So here's to you... whether you've just briefly stopped by or whether you're a regular. Thank you! You've got no idea how much it means to me that you would take the time to stop by and share this sweet passion of mine.


sunshine said…
Oh Wow, you started this blog the day before my birthday (Feb 23rd)... Thanks to you too, it's so nice know that we share a passion and a connection through our blogs. Keep it coming cause reading it it's a wonderful part of my day!
Anna E said…
And thank you back to YOU!! It really is a pleasure to read your blog, and it causes so many internal reactions, like joy, care, and stances against mistreat of animals. You are like a "Gods ambassadoer" on Earth, always comming from an inner court of how things are ment to be. Keep up the good work! Love from Anna E.

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