The cycle of life


Today I had the great privilege of being invited to witness the daily routine of a truly kind vet and the sweetest veterinary nurse in a local cat shelter. It was brilliant seeing their tremendous effort and boy, what a team effort. Their efficiency was remarkable and when I witnessed how fast, safe and smooth they managed to neuter several cats I just simply couldn't believe how there aren't more neuter programmes in some of those countries where cat numbers are out of control, disease runs rampant and the life quality of the cats are just appalling. Here we are really talking about how a very small effort could make a gigantic difference.

Last night I made a little prayer, hoping that no cats would have to be put down. But... the most adorable couple of young brothers came in, where one of them had developed a progressing blindness and was already in considerable pain. After he had his initial examination he was put back in the cage with his concerned brother, who instantly 'nursed' him with some loving preening. Yes, you can imagine all the heartache when it became apparent that he had to be put to sleep. The grief stricken couple, the brother left behind, the nurse, the leader of the cat shelter and even the vet! I tried to remain 'objective' but it was completely impossible. And grief just stings in such a God awful way. I felt so sad for this little guy - and it's tough when one moment he's sat safely tucked against his brother and the next...

So yes, I really had to get it through my system and the best way was with the realization that this little pussy had so many 'big people' choked up! He'd made some impact! This little life had definitely mattered!! Isn't it remarkable that one of Gods little people can stirr human emotions and feelings like this? It really does move me.

It's been a real 'cycle of life' day. Tonight I shall send a embracing thought to the 'brother' left behind.

The picture above is not of the two brothers, but is of similar age and loving mutual affinity.

t og panda


Anna E said…
Moving and very sad experience. I wish there was some kind of "scolarship" for families, who can´t afford fx expensive operations on their pets...Referring to the tv-program, I saw the other night of a female lion, who had two surviving kids from an attack of a male lion: One of the baby-lions could only use 3 legs, and eventually died :-( The mother was nursing the dead baby, while it´s sister or brother looked at it. The man (host) in the program said, that "though you wouldn´t call it love, there is definitely what you could call affection from the mother.." I was really angry and shocked: How could the man not call it love! As if it were only humans, who can have grief and love in that kind of situation! The man was apparently affected /compassionate about the situation, but to me it seemed very arrogant to judge or analyze the feelings of that lionmother, who was clearly in grief! So I can understand your feelings for the blind cat and it´s brother...

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