Apples ad libitum


When this winter freeze (we're experiencing in this part of the world) started more than two months ago, the garden was brimming with of all sorts of birds collecting food all day long. Now they've suffered the freeze so bad and for so long that it's eerie to find the seeds from yesterday still lying on the bird feeders. There's litterally that few birds around!

Yesterday there was a new heavy snowfall, so I put out one of the blackbirds favourite foods - apples. Sadly not a blackbird in sight, so this morning this sweetheart above was free to nibble the apples now covered by snow. No wonder the word on everyones lips these days is, when will this freeze let up? 


Anna E said…
How sweet the picture :-) Just read today in the newspaper, that many birds, including swans, go into a winter sleep in order to not spend energy on finding food, which might give them less energy, than they have used in the search for it. So fx swans and ducks might look like dead, but to leave them alone, since they might be only sleeping. So that might be, what has happened to the birds in your garden..? Also read, that althougt 80% of some species are dying, it means, that the eggs and new little birds will stand a much better chance of surviving in spring, since there is so much more food around for fewer birds, so within a season, there will be as many birds of a specie, as before this winter. So although it is very sad rigth now, there is hope and comfort for the future and the next generation of fx blackbirds..
Hi Anna, I sincerely wish that to be the explanation. I can't tell you how strange it feels that there's hardly any birds left in the garden - in spite of having left all their favourite foods out for them.

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