Gods Little People 1st year birthday


Yes, today it's one year since I started this blog and what a great unfolding privilege it's been. 

It's been a journey of great little discoveries like finding wise and compassionate quotes about the human/animal relationship... words both simple, profound and full of inspiration. I've been warmed by meeting friends who share this sweet love of animals and felt deligthed that I've been able to share information that some might not have been aware of and maybe therefore this blog has been able to shed just a little bit of light. Honoured to have shared stories of some truly heroic animals and warmed to the core by some truly wonderfully compassionate humans who has gone out of their way to save animals from harms way.

I truly consider animals our brothers and sisters and hope to be able to ongoingly pay back some of the joy and happiness they bring to my life by being a voice of some sort on their behalf.

And thanks so much for reading and stopping by - your visits has inspired me such much.

And here's one of my favorite quotes for today...

"He who saves a single life saves the world entire."

∼The Talmud

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sunshine said…
HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY! I sure am happy and delighted to have found you and honored to be able to share this special date as well as the love for animals and all the creatures out there. Here's to many more wonderful posts to come...
Thanks so much Sunshine!! You've brigthened it with each and every word you've posted in the comment box :-)
Anna E said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Looking forward to see what this crawling and now walking "baby" will grow into. It has surely been an eye-opener to me in many ways, and has made me more concious of my own sentiments towards Gods little people. I so wish you would make a book with all the pictures and writings from the blog - all the pictures tell great stories, are healing, touching, delicate, amazing and so on - I have enjoyed each single one of them. And I am sure that others would love to have a collection of this unique "symphony" that goes like a ripple throughout the body, soul and spirit. Thank you so much for all the posts and sharings!!! <3

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