Pure woolly delight

Seems like the winter is going to last forever, so today I'll dream of springtime and one of my favorite springtime sightings - newborn lambs!

Last springtime my husband and I happened to drive past a field full of sheep and lambs. It was so attractive that it stopped us in our track and we pulled to the side and watched them for about half and hour. It was simply the most deligthful sight and sound of baaing baby lambs. And them doing their little jumps and skips - first one then another - something a la "watch me, watch me". The sight just fills the heart with such overflowing joy and delight and we were giggling like a couple of children watching them. It's like pure concentrated life force and oozes such will to live. Pure happy therapy!!

Images ©tumblr.com and ©Richard Peters Photography


Anna E said…
How cute! :-) No wonder we call the lambs for "easter lamb" and (in DK at least) ususally decorate for easter with small, woolen lambs, as well as eggs, chickens and flowers. What a great way to "call in" spring and new life to the livingroom.

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