Schweitzer on his ethic "The reverence for life" - part 2

My second example is from my hospital in Lambarene. I have the virtue of caring for all stray monkeys that come to our gate.  Sometimes there will come to our monkey colony a wee baby monkey whose mother has been killed, leaving this orphaned infant. I must find one of the older monkeys to adopt and care for the baby. I never have any difficulty about it, except to decide which candidate shall be given the responsibility. Many a time it happens that the seemingly worst-tempered monkeys are most insistent upon having this sudden burden of foster-parenthood given to them."


Anna E said…
It just feels so natural. I believe that all living life naturally wants to have a care and concern for other beings. Most children will naturally want to help a lost animal or even a flower lying on the street with no water or vase to be in. Only later all kind of conditions come into the picture, I think.

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