The way forward for humans and animals

These pictures demonstrates what I hope and envisage the future interaction between humans and animals to be like. I can't tell HOW MUCH I love these pictures and the story behind it and I'm so grateful that a friend and fellow animal lover send me this. The world should know of a story like this one...

"This ranger has been employed to help prevent poaching around the wildlife refuge area of Lanseria South Africa. They way he interacts with these animals is absolutely stunning! The lions seems to know he's there to protect them and clearly they trust him. His charm works with hyenas and leopards too. Hyenas are usually unapproachable and can be vicious. Check out the pics taken in the river - it's amazing because lions don't like water."

Images ©Barcroft Media


Anna E said…
Amazing pictures and story indeed. And clearly a man, who has found a great love and purpose in his life. Thanks.

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