When a second chance prevails


Yesterday I received an email about a book called "New Lives". In the authors own words it 's the stories of rescued dogs helping, healing and giving hope. It tells of 18 dogs who were rescued from shelters and the streets, who are now performing miracles in animal therapy and as service dogs. 

From the book you can read a chapter - the heartwarming and inspiring story about Leo (pictured above), who went from being a  fighter to being a healer.

There's something truly marvellous about the essence of being given a second chance in life. I mean, don't we as humans get to feel the miracle of something great and mighthy looking after us from somewhere above when this happens... and could you think of anything better than to pass on this blessing to those little people who so desperately needs that lucky break?!!


Anna E said…
It was an almost unbelievable story about Leo and the other dogs. Luckily I had no idea, that such cruelty was going on, how come that people can fall so low, they must have a very miserable life themselves!! Also frightening to think what a wrongfull reputation can cause, and how it can "power up" what is wrong. Fx in Denmark the politicians now concider to make a law against having some of the "muscle dogs" as pets due to some of these kind of dogs (like pit bulls fx)having attacked children and smaller dogs that were out for a walk with their owner. Also dogs are now being drugged with pills against anxiety and depression - something is just so wrong, and I don´t know why people actually want to have a dog, unless they know how to give it the right kind of care and training! So it is a great uplift to read the story of Leo and the other dogs, which gives so much hope and insight to how things CAN be.

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