Butterflies and bumble bees


The other day I wanted to buy some flowers for the house to get that feel of springtime inside. The last flower I wanted to buy though was hyacinths, as I have had them inside all winter in the attempt to  break up all that bleak icy blue and white we've been surrounded by for three months. Anyhow... I found an offer on hyacinths that I couldn't resist and today when I went in the garden for a cup of coffee to enjoy a bit of spring sun I brought the hyacinths along to enjoy this gorgeous pink color.

Well, not long went by before a butterfly (the first this year!) landed on the hyacinths and it was the most delightful spring sight. And along came another butterfly... and a bumble bee (also the first this year!)... and loads more bumble bees. I swear that every little flower got sucked for pollen and I got completely lost in time and space watching them. And so the pleasure of winter hyacinths continue - only now they serve an even better purpose!

Above, it's the first butterfly and first bee in action.


sunshine said…
Such beautiful flowers make anybody happy, specially the butterfly and the bumble bee. Have a wonderful weekend!
Anna E said…
Amazing such impact the colour and smell of these hyacinths have. For the butterflies and the bee it must have been a heavenly treat, since I doubt they find such flowers and colour outdoors in the garden yet - at least not here in Denmark. :-)

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