Stamps with a message


I've always loved to write and receive a letter with beautiful writing and a pretty stamp. I can actually go on a deliberate hunt for stamps with pretty images. Some years ago I lived in England for a while and was disappointed to discover that almost every single stamp had the profile of Queen Elizabeth on them. But... now Royal Mail of England has produced these gorgeous stamps that I would just LOVE to get hold of. 

It's a series of commemorative stamps to mark the 150th anniversary of the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. They have cared for and re-homed more than three million dogs and cats since they started and what a brilliant thing to commenmorate!

Step aside Lizzie!!

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Anna E said…
I have the same love for pretty stamps, and letters too :-)) What a wonderfull idea to make stamps for a reason other than just paying for the mail. And I hope you can get hold of these ones, each of them carries a moving story..
sunshine said…
Would love to send you some stamps from the island, drop me an email to ( with your postal address and I'll be sure to send you some pretty ones, of course they are not going to be as precious as this ones you show above. Have a great weekend!

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