The goodness in a stranger

I was very moved when I came across Andreas blog the other day. She is a loving dog mum and I was instantly caught by the good works of this mummy and her dogs. I was especially moved to read recent posts about her 16 year old Cocker Spaniel Lucy suffering from cancer. There's a post requesting prayers for Lucy and you know, it's incredibble to find so many comments from strangers (unless Andrea knows them all personally!) wanting to pray for a little dog they've never even met. It just struck me how full of love and wanting to do good people really are. And there's that wonderful feeling of wanting to assist another in times of trials and heart ache. Because if you've ever had a sick or dying animal you'll know that that is exactly what it feels like. And it's a curious time, because even though it's painful, it also feels so enhanced because your whole being fills up with gratitude, gentleness and fine feelings about all the special moments you've been allowed to have and the hope that it may be allowed to continue.

So here's to continued prayers of support to Lucy.

This picture above is not Lucy, but if you want to read more about Lucy and Adreas other sweethearts you can follow the pink link above. 

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Andrea said…
Thank you for your continued prayers for Macy! She is very dear to our hearts. GOD BLESS YOU!
Hugs, andrea
Anna E said…
What a wonderfull blog post, thank you very much, also for the link.
The dog on the picture is so cute and sweet and warming in radiation. It is exactely the kind of dog, I would love to have! God bless Macy and all other ill animals, and all Gods Little People..

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