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Last night driving home from visiting some friends, my husband and I drove past a cat that had been run over. It's upsetting in itself but it makes me so mad when the person responsible can't be bothered to stop and check up on the poor animal. I've been in this horrible situation myself and instantly knew I had to go check even though I was in chock and deeply upset by what had happened. And I'm so pleased I did because even though the animal was lying still, it turned out it wasn't dead. I was fortunate enough that some blessed soul came out of the blue and helped me. But seriously, it's such a lack of respect for that animals life to leave it there. You NEVER know what state it's in before you have checked - it might have survived and needing urgent medical treatment. 

Last night, sadly, it was too late and I was very upset to find that it looked like it had suffered. I goes beyond my comprehension why someone couldn't at least pay that animal a last respect by at least doing a check and pulling it in to the side. Or finding out perhaps where it belonged. A family will surely be missing that beautiful pussy.

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Andrea said…
I couldn't agree more.
Blessings, andrea
Anna E said…
Yes absolutely...I thank God, that I have never been in the situation myself. But at least the cat, you found sunday evening, had the priviledge of you "seing it off", part of it (or perhaps God) might still have felt, that someone DID care!... :-)

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