Springtime or time to spring


Yes, it is finally here!! Exactly one month ago today, when it seemed like springtime was something that was never going to happen, I was dreaming of the sight of newborn baby lambs jumping around. Well, it finally happened today! - I drove past a field where 5 baby lambs were charging around after each other and I felt certain they were just putting on this goofy little display for me. Maybe not... but it sure was an absolute delight witnessing them getting their bearings and testing just how fast those legs could run. 

Couldn't get too close, so here's just a small snapshot from a distance.


Thilie said…
so cute!!
thank you for the lovely comment and support! It means so much to me :)
Have a great day :)
Andrea said…
Beautiful. Thank you for your sweet comments.
Hugs, blessings, and prayers,
Anna E said…
Cuter than cutest, softer than softest ... and I just found an anagram to lamb, which is balm - and I would say looking at lambs is like balm to the emotions :-)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! I am thrilled spring is here...well almost for me...it is only 24 degrees here today...but the sun is shining!
Thanks Alice. I'm sure you must be enjoying springtime too... I can gather from your beautiful pics that you've had a long winter too. Thanks for stopping by! Joan

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