Warmth and affection


A dear friend forwarded me these pictures today and I just simply had to share this darling tabby cat with you. If there is such a thing as a right kind of opportunist, it surely has to be this little tabby. But as you might know from some earlier posts, a cats purr has all kinds of positive health effects, such as relieving arthrithis. No, I don't think these horses suffers from arthrithis :-) but I'm sure they are loving a bit of mutual warmth and affection.

These pictures came with an artistic touch (the slight blurr) but hope you enjoy them nevertheless.


Anna E said…
Oh, it looks really cosy and warming. Especially the white horse looks like it wouldn´t mind giving the cat a ride, and it is very feelable that they both enjoy the mutual warmt and comfort.
sunshine said…
the kitty looks at ease, how nice!!!

please ck my blog, and thanks for the lovely package :)

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