Abundance of kindness


Over the years I've seen, read or heard many things about animals that I thought wasn't right. Therefore when I started this blog I knew wanted to write about kindness to animals, because as our co-inhabitants on this planet, they are just as entitled to feel what the magic and mystery of life on this planet is all about. Because how can they feel that if they live a life in misery, neglect or all the other things they too often suffer at human hands.

The obvious contradiction though is, that people who read this blog are humans with a concern and love for animals and hearts full of kindness. You don't need to tell them how to treat animals right. This blog should probably be considered more of a meeting place for those who are the living embodiment of treating animals kindly.

And talking of kindness... when I wrote a post a few weeks ago mentioning how much I love stamps, I instantly received a note from Such Life In The Tropics saying she would send me some stamps. And yesterday upon arriving back from a few days away, I found a lovely envelope with this card (above) and stamps from her. What a blessing to find such kindness from a seeming stranger. The more you look the more kindness you'll find in this world and it has so many wonderful "side-effects".

P.S. I believe Such Life In The Tropics should be the official representative of the Cayman Islands... what invaluable PR they're getting from her charming blog.


Anonymous said…
Good morning! I am very honored that you took the time to visit my blog and read my story over at Kat's blog. I look forward to knowing you better!!
Thanks for visiting Tabitha - and I look forward to knowing you and your great work better!
sunshine said…
I found out and in order to be the official representative of the Cayman Islands I need to be able to convince somebody to visit me here, so how am I doing so far???
I am very happy you got the package, looks like it was perfect timing for the post office to deliver them both... Can't wait to send u something else, be on the lookout!
Heart2Heart said…
Well it's official. I am a follower of yours! Sorry it's taken so long but after surgery I wasn't sure what I had been doing for about a week. Just wanted to personally take the opportunity to come by and say thank you a million times for all the wonderful comments and prayers you've sent my way.

Here's hoping that you have a wonderful blessed Easter and looking forward to getting to know you more! WOW Denmark, would you be interested in sending me a post card? My daughter collects them and I've been trying to find them from places we'd love to visit. You can email me and I can provide you with our mailing address.

My family is originally from Lithuania!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat
Mariasol, you are doing extremely well!! That's the whole point... I believe you've convinced more than one to come visit :)) And you make it attractive from so many different viewing points... I'd love to join you in diving with turtles!

Yes, it was fun how the packages seemed to cross each other across the atlantic ocean at the same time. You are so kind... I'll be on the lookout :-)
Kat, I'm so very pleased to see you here! Off course I'll be mailing you a card, it'll be my pleasure.

And a blessed Easter to you and your beautiful family.
Terra said…
These stamps are glorious. I collected stamps as a child and they are a way to day dream and even travel in imagination.

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