A buzz from Greece


So... I informed you that I was migrating, and here I am in a new part of the world (Greece) where today I was taking some photos, taking in the essence and the beauty of the land. 

When taking this picture, I did not see the bee (top right corner), but it obviously wanted to be in the picture, so when I discovered it I found it to be the perfect greeting to my friends and fellow bloggers.

Hope to be back into some internet access normality soon!


sunshine said…
Love the picture and it looks like wonderful weather, how long are you there for? Have a wonderful time :)
Hi Mariasol, well it's actually a "proper" migration - for a year initially and maybe longer, depending on how life evolves here. The climate is wonderful. More updates to come soon!
By the way, if you sent something to Denmark it will automatically be forwarded to Greece.
Andrea said…
Beautiful picture. Enjoy your time in Greece and you so very much for your precious comments on All Gods Creatures!
Blessings, andrea
Wow..looks gorgeous ..must send you some Welsh Spring photos too. We're even having loads of sunshine too!!
Anna E said…
"...and I think to myself, What a Wonderful World.." as Louis Armstrong sings. It truly looks like an advertisement from God from the garden of Eden. Hope you will find your Paradise there. Love and blessings :-))
sunshine said…
Oh wow, sounds wonderful, specially cause I've always wanted to visit Greece, so now I have an even better reason to head that way!
K. said…
That beautiful the photo! I feel healthy envy for you, for living in such a beautiful place... Enjoy it! (Pardon for the writing, I use translator) Karin, descubriendo-tesoros.blogspot.com

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