Dear guests, friends and fellow bloggers

Over the next week I will be migrating to another part of the world and will therefore only be blogging and visiting your blogs sporadically. As I will be without internet access for a while, it will be whenever and wherever possible. 

I look forward to find inspiration and write about Gods little people from another part of the world and hope to see you back then.

'Till then... wishing that your days may be full of passion and blessings about what makes your heart tick.

Looking forward to catching up with you all.

Image ©kalpanachemical.com


Andrea said…
Praying you will have a safe trip and be filled with GODS presence on your journey!
sunshine said…
Have a wonderful time, I put something on the mail for you today so it should be there by the time you come back.

Have a safe journey and take care of yourself, looking forward to more wonderful posts!
Heart2Heart said…
Praying for safe journeys and God's blessings on you while you are gone. Looking forward to your return with anxious hearts!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat
Anna E said…
Have a safe journey, and know that all is well. Home is where the heart is, so I know you will feel at home in this other part of the world, a beautiful place on Mother Earth...
Hope the journey goes well for you. I have seen the first of the returning swallows this last week here in Wales...and am awed by their innate instinct that guides them from here to Africa and back( just blogged about it!!) Yet another of life's mysteries that lets us know that all is well in the universe. Bon voyage and love O
Terra said…
Well, this journey of yours is intriguing and I will read your posts about it upon your return. On my blog today I posted a link to a video about a hippo that lives in Africa, with a family. I love God's animals like you do.

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