When a little help is needed


It might be a bit too obsessive for your liking, but if I see a bee in distress I'll try and help it. Like, if it is trapped inside I'll put a bit of honey on a tea-spoon to lure it on and then bring it outside. Or like today when I was in the garden and found a bee sat on the ground looking exhausted and rather despondent. Thought if I could get it's "pollen-seeking-codings" going it might regain some will to live and enough strength to fly off again. Only problem was that there's not really that many flowers around yet. A few snowdrops and a few crocusses, and I knew for a fact that the crocusses had been ransacked for pollen already. But then I remembered I'd cut a few branches from the plum tree a few days before and they were now in bloom indoor. So I went to get the vase and brought it outside and scooped Mr. Bee on top of one them. Sure enough... although a bit dizzy, he (sorry if it was a she!) instantly started to collect pollen. One flower after another. At some point he took off but only to land in the lawn a few metres away. He sat real still for a while as if to warm his furry little body in a ray of sunlight, but then suddenly took off again. This time I hope he made it back to his beehive!

Above, he is having a go at the plum blossoms.



Anna E said…
Oh, how cute :-) You are such a sweet lady, full of compassion and care! And I´m sure Mr. Bee will reward you with some delicate honey of the rare kind - "plum blossom honey" perhaps ;-)

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