A choice we shouldn't have to make


Here's an amendment to yesterdays post prompted by Kat's comment. Something I was going to mention but seems I got too carried away by my own thoughts to remember...

I'm aware that not all people have the "luxury" of being able to afford free range eggs. I put the word "luxury" in exclamation marks because it seems so fundamentally wrong that people should have to choose between caged chicken eggs and free range eggs. The human mind has conjured up many genius inventions but I think it was a sad day the day someone came up with the probably seemingly brilliant idea of industrializing egg laying production. It's a drop in the ocean of a gazilllion issues, but isn't it fundamentally wrong that humans sometimes are forced to choose against their will because we live in a mass producing culture seeking to make things cheap?

Can you imagine the delight of walking into a small Greek island supermarket and finding a bucket full of fresh eggs from a nearby household. Thank God there's still places to find an egg au naturale with the odd little feather sticking to the egg.

Image via fantastic-farm-and-country-photos.com


Heart2Heart said…
Here is to hoping that these farmers will make their products affordable to everyone especially in this economy where every dollar counts.

I would love to purchase these for us and I can tell you once I did and their is a huge difference in the quality of the eggs you get. You can not only see it but the taste is like homegrown tomatoes versus store bought.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat
Heart2Heart said…
Please help me spread the word of a sister in Christ who so desperately needs help with a limited amount of time left.


Love and Hugs ~ Kat
Anonymous said…
Anna E said…
You are absolutely right. And you know, I believe that we can´t change it all even thought we would want to. But I also believe, that what DOES make a difference is our values for how things ought to be, and our spreading the word and making people aware of it, so that we can all make a little change by altering our choices. I think we have different tasks here on earth, and once we have "made a change" we can happily go "home" to God, knowing that we did the best we could do in the circumstance we were in. So thanks for spreading the words and sentiments of the rightful order of things! <3

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