The authors Achilles heel

Those of you who knows this blog a little bit will know that the authors Achilles heel comes in the shape of a cat or cats :-)

Being on a Greek island I'm surrounded by gorgeous cats (and more about that some other time), but one day I just got so struck by their features and just how perfect they seem... so clean, so neat, so sensitive, so beautiful, so keen, so astute and SO their own. Who wouldn't melt away in an AWWW at this little face as an example. Anyway, got so carried away that I turned to my husband with a big smile and said that I felt sure God must have created the cat as a gift to himself, LOL! Just as the frosting on an otherwise perfect day of many creations.

They really make me happy!!

Image ©Flik's photostream


sunshine said…
Cats make me happy too and reading you blog is also on my list of happy things... I'm glad you are back to blogging more often, missed you but those Greek kitties are lucky to have you around!!!
Bob West said…
I enjoyed visiting your blog. Very insightful. Hopefully, you will be blessed by my writings.
God Bless, bob West
Well, from another cat lover , yes, I get what you say!! Are they not just gorgeous!!! I love them !!

Thought I might share another rather unusual idea which a rather wise person I know suggested about cats which in a weird way really rather resonated with my own experience....what do you think?

You know the way they look at you sometimes....a really deep and knowing sort of look ...almost like your're being watched? Well, isn't it curious that there have been cats all over the world for so many generations and throughout so many different cultures? I remember going into an old antique shop and seeing a mummy of an Egyptian cat and for all the world it could have been a cat from today, not thousands of years ago...
but coing back to this friend suggested that perhaps there is an intelligence in the universe which likes to watch what goes on, here on our planet...and that it can look through the eyes of cats they become the watchers on it's behalf.....

Anyway, lucky cats on Syros to have you there!! Wonder what they see??!!!

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