Do unto others...


Here is a very sweet case of "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You."
Just received this photo from the lady who left behind the charismatic polkadotted kitties for me a few days ago (scroll down to read if you missed this post). Would you believe that she came home and found this (almost seemingly related) kittie in her post?!! Looks like it's become a follower, LOL!


Anna E said…
Hvor pudsigt et sammenfald :-)
Great Serendipity!! Makes you feel good when these odd coincidences there is an internal order to life.

I had an odd experience myself yesterday morning ...on coming in to the office, I heard this strange little sound..almost like a spray can being softly squeezed a few times..then silence and again the same sequence of soft sounds....I looked around and couldn't see anything at all and forgot about it. Later in the morning I saw this odd brown shape on my filing cabinet and couldn't quite figure what it was....on closer look, I saw it was a tiny pipistrel bat which had somehow got its little leg caught in the top drawer and appeared to be now fast asleep. As I was trying to catch it to release it , again I heard the little noise I had heard that it is what it was!! Having taken it outdoors and set it down in a cool dark place , I thought about the sequence of events...and realised that tiny as it was, when I had first come in to the office, it had known to ask for help ... I thought that was quite amazing ! Sorry I was a bit slow to help!!!

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