What are we governed by??


When I found these two snails in the garden I thought someone must have placed them like that. Such a perfect little pair. But no - they were solidly stuck to the stone, so I assumed they'd decided to rest next to eachother right there and then :-) Anyhow, the perfect spiral in a snail makes me wonder about the Fibonacci sequence. It's so mysterious. Have a look and a listen to this song and take a breather whilst you let your mind wonder... profoundly so. Goes a very long way to show (at least to this person) that we ARE indeed governed by something so much bigger than we might like to acknowledge, and that even the smallest creature plays a meaningful part in this great mystery we're all caught up in.


Heart2Heart said…
Love this and how it completely proves once again, that God created it all.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat
Anna E said…
It´s Awesome! Says to me, that things are what they are to themselves, they have a purpose and a function, which is not always what we humans "put upon them". So where do we find the above mentioned system in us? Could be interesting to look at an anatomic atlas, and perhaps start to think "outwardly" and "big" in stead of narrow and personally ...? :-)

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