Cue: "Meet the babies that have made a mess of my heart"


It takes quite a bit of fine feelings, warmth, devotion, fuzziness, endearment and just pure undiluted joy to capture what I would describe as my feelings for Gods little people. And today I came across an artist and photographer who epitomizes just that.

When I saw this photo with the accompanying words "meet the babies that have made a mess of my heart" I thought I must have met a like minded individual!!

If you could imagine human feelings being the "messengers/informers" back to God about what it feels like being on this planet, then I'm hoping God is receiving just a bit of what a delight the little people are to humans. It must work in a similar way as to when you create, say or do something - you don't know how it is received on the other end unless you have someone informing you of how it comes across.

Junelle, I loved meeting your babies and I love your photos!! :-)

Image ©Junelle Jacobsen
Junelle's shop on Etsy
Yes and Amen ... Junelle's website


Oh, yes...I can tell that we were meant to be friends. I am always so amazed at how God blesses! Hugs to you dear girl!

Stories of my photos are in the blessed barnyard link (on my blog)~
Hi Junelle, I simply couldn't be more delighted!!
A big hug back to you!
Heart2Heart said…
This is such a beautiful post and I love the pictures. I can see how that would make anyone's heart a blessed mess! Thanks for sharing a new friend with all of us.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat
Thanks so much Kat - thanks for stopping by!
MieH said…
Lovely photos, lovely website (yes and Amen), lovely sentiments - lovely <3
Thank you Mie! Yes, the photos are truly lovely. I'm so pleased you visited the Yes and Amen website. It's such a delight isn't it? xox
Cosmic said…
Just beautifully-Divine!

Hi again Cosmic, THANK you!
Anna E said…
No wonder that LAMB anagrams to BALM - pure balm to the soul and heart :-D

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