He who saves a single life, saves the world entire


I know there are those who think it a futile exercise to try and help one cat in need in the midst of thousands, if not millions of cats in need. But one of the principles I like to act out from is the sentiment of "He who saves a single life, saves the world entire" (from the Talmud).

Therefore if you feel moved, have a look at Scooters particular plea over at Animal News Blog
A not so subtle hint in relation to his story is that he got caught up in some fishing line left behind by humans and now only has three legs.

Image ©animalnewsblog.com


Marg said…
Scooter is sure cute. I donated a tiny bit and I will do a post about him on Sat. Is he up for adoption? Where is he, do you know??? Thanks for doing this for Scooter. Let me know about the adoption.
Oh Marg, thank you SO much! I'm actually not sure if he is up for adoption, proably best to inquire directly at Animal News Blog (link in the post).
Yes, he really is cute!!
Anna E said…
Poor Scooter! And yet lucky, that someone has the care to give him a "second chance of life" by operating him, in stead of putting him down.
It´s a lovely sentiment from Talmud, and where would Humanity be if noone cared. Take a look at "Animal-ity", where an animal will do its best to help a companion. Again, we can learn from that! :-)

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