Random rugged beauty


These last few months have been so unbelieveably busy. You might not believe it possible, but the intensity in Greece is so much more... well intense, than in the much cooler Scandinavia where I come from. On my way to and fro to places I have though managed to catch a few snapshots of the random rugged beauty you find everywhere in Greece. When I stopped to capture the beauty of these old mint colored shutters with these gorgeuos red hibiscus in front, I spotted this little tabby in the garden just behind the house. And it was quite a rare sight around here, because it was actually reasonbly well looked after. What's so special about that?? Well, seems to me that a cat in Greece has got to win the lotto to end up having just a half decent life quality . More in the post to come...


Anna E said…
Virkeligt smukke motiver - det er som om det smukke og det barske/rå går hånd i hånd. Og er det ikke også tit sådan i livet? Hvor man finder noget smukt og "højt" finder man også noget lavere, og hvor omstændighederne er "lavere" kan de fineste og højeste øjeblikke findes. Ja apropos "øje-blikke", det må afhænge af øjet, der ser... :-)

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