Tool making techniques

You've proably heard of animals with what seems to be an almost human level of intelligence. It appears more and more often. Well, not all clips in this Youtube is hot news, but check out the birdie! That's almost eerie. And Mr. Bagder is pretty advanced too.  That's what you can call tool making techniques.
P.S. Remember sound.


Andrea said…
Animals are so intelligent. I am confident we have not tapped the knowledge or level of brilliance within them.
Hi Andrea, you are absolutely right.
So nice to see you again!
Southpaw said…
The bird is brilliant. Now I find myself wondering did he watch other birds or watch people or concoct this all on his own?
Hi Holly! Nice to see you here. Yes, that birdy is truly amazing. One does wonder were on earth he got the idea!! :-)

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