Christian, the real lion king


Maybe you are one of those more than 14 million people who's watched the story of Christian the lion on Youtube? If not, then here's a story that will melt your heart.

The story goes like this...

In 1969, two men named John Rendall and Ace Berg saw a lion cub for sale in Harrods. Cramped and lonely in a small cage, they decided to bring it home. A local vicar allowed them to exercise the cub, now named Christian, in the church grounds but he very quickly became too big for their flat. The only thing they could do was to try and reintroduce him to Africa, which they managed to do (in this video you see them travelling to Africa with him and releasing him into the wild). A year later they wanted to visit him but were told that he was now the head of his own pride and as such was completely wild and would not remember them. Undaunted, they went anyway. After many hours of looking for the pride, this is what happened when they finally found the wild lion... WATCH VIDEO

You can watch the story of Christian in many different versions on Youtube, but I like this one because it shows more sequences of just how close a bond these two men had with the young lion cub. Also this particular piece of music finally found it's rightful place of usage :-)

Above, it's a young boy having a playful moment with Christian. From Christian's facial expression (doesn't it almost look human??) it's no wonder he's captured the hearts of millions of people.



sunshine said…
I have watched the video many times and it always makes me cry with joy.
I don't particularly care for the song, but like you said, "found it's rightful place of usage" it so perfect describes the love between them.
I love the way Christian jumps with joy and hugs them like they are the most precious thing in his heart, it's a bond that will never be broken because it's true love.
Thanks again for sharing another beautiful miracle!
Hi Sunshine, yes it really special to watch Christian's jumps for joy - that's one special lion.
I found the song so over the top that it was kinda corny, but as said, here it serves a good purpose :-)) Take care and thanks for popping by!
Chill said…
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! I posted this on my facebook page for my friends to enjoy. Thank You for sharing. This truly is Gods little creature, um big Creature ;>)
Anna E said…
Ohhh, it is SO touching! Just the picture in itself, I love it! (reminds me of another post, where you showed an old postcard from your childhood with a cat and a child). There is clearly a beam between the eyes of those two, a strong connection. And the video - gosh, what a frienship and reunion. Thanks for sharing it! :-))
Thanks so much Chill!! Hope they all love it - who couldn't :-)
Thanks to the Chinese commenter! I'm so pleased to see so many Chinese stopping by, although your wisdoms can be a bit difficult for a 'non-Chinese' to understand.

Thank you for stopping by, it's appreciated!
To Anna... yes, what a friendship. It's very clear animals don't forget when you're kind to them! It's beautiful. ♡

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