Off to see my friends in Central Park

Off to New York but will be back blogging again in mid August.

Here it's another image by the insanely talented Central Park wildlife photographer Lincoln Karim.  I'm truly inspired by this mans dedication to his art (and the well-being of the wildlife in the park!) and am gobsmacked by the level of detail caught in this image of a cormorant landing on water in Central Park. You can almost hear the skidding!

Image ©Lincoln Karim


Hello you! This is an amazing image!

I am also a lover of Central Park...I go at least once a year and spend mornings and evenings walking, walking, walking. I wish I could go with you!
There is another amazing wildlife photographer in her 70's that sells her images just outside the MET. She has brilliant photos,too. My favorite is a little nest of birds deep in the embrace of the Romeo & Juliet statue.
Oh how great Junelle - wish I was meeting you there, how exciting that would be!! I'll go and have a look for the other photographer outside the MET, brilliant! In simply love the park in the morning and love feeding the squirrels and birds.
Anna E said…
What an amazing photo, just the colours in themselves are "surrealistic", almost like a painting.
The balance and movement of the bird. The "unheard sound" of feet meeting the water - no wonder people were inspired to build aeroplanes from watching the birds. Inspiring.. Have a magnificent time in CP and NY!! :-))
Tak kære Anna, jeg skal tænke på dig :-))
Insanely talented is right. What a magnificent photo!
Chill said…
WOW, what a picture.

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