The wonders of tender touch

Thanks to EASE Animal Sanctury (more about EASE to come) I was introduced to "Tender Touch" and the marvellous work of Tender Touch practitioner Deidre Chitwood. It was truly heartwarming to read about Deidre's marvellous work with animals, and I was elated to find this amazing (above) story among the video clips on her website. I can highly recommend that you pop over and read about Tender Touch if you're not familiar with it.

This is one of those stories that makes you want to weep at the thought of the quality of patience and genuine good in caring humans. I simply L O V E this.


sunshine said…
Tender Touch is definitely a wonderful concept, in my case I practice Reiki and in the past I've had some amazing experiences with animals in need of healing and care.
Anna E said…
The radiation and body-language of Alf is SO feelable, and the transformation is like a miracle.
I cannot help but draw a parallel to humans affairs; When do we stop touching a baby or a child in a tender way? What would happen if we as humans practiced more tenderness to each other. Could it be that it would naturally extend to how we treat Gods little People?
It also makes me think, it is such a shame that an animal has to have suffered before it recieves such intensive care and concern (as with humans).
If we used but half the intensity to maintain good relation, compared to "reparing" them, well...what a wonderful world this could be! <3

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