Whilst waiting to be plugged in...


Been struck down by severe writers block recently. Whilst waiting to be plugged back in - here's at least a picture to celebrate all the marvellous photographers in the world who makes an art of seeing the beauty in Gods little people. Thanks for capturing these bright lights. I salute your endeavour.


sunshine said…
Love the picture, sorry about writers blog, I will praying that you find more inspiration to share wonderful things with us!!!
Marg said…
That is a gorgeous picture. I know what you mean about finding something to blog about. I am finding that pictures really help some. I am always worried about boring everyone.
Have a great day.
Hi Cosmic!!
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.
Thank you Sunshine - I pray it comes back real soon - such a strange state to be in. Thanks for popping by. Big hug.
Hello Marg, yes pictures really do help. You for sure needn't worry. ANY picture or story of a cat can NEVER bore. Thanks so much for stopping by. Your good work makes me SO happy.
the lovely cat lover~

I just wrote about writer's block today. For me it was creative rut, but it all has to do with changing things up.

I also think there are times when we are just called to be still...quiet...
Sometimes we just need grace & goodness to wash over us...

Whatever it is for you, you are in my prayers. I am heading out the the little county fair and will be thinking of you ~ my animal loving friend ~ hugs!
Thanks so much Junelle, and I agree with you believing it's a calling to be quiet and just keep ones head cool meanwhile. How sweet with a county fair. Bet there's some great inspiration to be found there. Thanks for your sweet prayers.
Hugs for you and all the little people you're surrounded by.
Anna E said…
Words that come up, when I see the picture of the cat: "Isn´t she lovely!?" :-)
Concerning the "writers block"; If I may come with a surgestion, then try to read some of the comments to your blocks from months ago. It might give inspiration. I know, that I have sometimes asked questions to the blogspots, so it might be time to "answer" or go into proces with some of those? Only a surgestion. Blessings...
Hi Anna
Thanks for your suggestion. I will look into that!
Have a lovely day and blessings to you too.
Anna E said…
Hej, har du set forsiden af din FB i dag? Der har Zoe (som jeg tror du også er ven med) publiceret et stunning (og lidt uhyggeligt) videoklip om en hund, som redder en anden hund!! Rørende, og med en god slutning :-))
Luzia said…
A stunning cat image! I like the idea of animals are gods little people. Your blog is extraordinary and speaks to my soul. Hugs from Luzia (loving all the animals and CATS)

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