Yo lady, you got something for us?

Hello again friends, finally back from NY city.  Apart from a badly sprained ankle already on the 2nd day, which meant goodbye to walking around the city, my friends in Central Park didn't disappoint! Had to curb my eager to feed both the squirrels and the birds - due to a recent outbreak of rabies in the park there were signs everywhere requesting for people not to feed the wildlife. But...

When my husband and I went for a morning coffee in the café behind the Boathouse we were soon joined and eyeballed by these persistent little friends. So as we were enjoying a cup of coffee and a bun, there was nothing for it but to let up and share...

- and we were happy to!!

For anyone who knows this spot in the world you'll know it's also a gathering place for people who take their dogs for a morning walk. It simply couldn't be a merrier place to have your morning coffee.


Cosmic said…
Beautiful! Bella! Bella! Bella!

Hi Cosmic!!
Thank you - always nice to see you here.
MarkD60 said…
We put water out for the birds, they line up and take turns like a car wash!
So jealous. I hope you had a lovely trip even with the rabbies and injuries. Next time give me notice and I will meet you there!

Little wonderful creatures know when you are a friend, don't they?

Love to you...post more pics. I love every one!
Heart2Heart said…
You are just like me, can't resist feeding the locals. How wonderful to spend a morning in NY at a local cafe. Nothing sounds more wonderful right now.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat
Hi Mark,
Sounds real sweet, but I bet it's like that all around your house and garden!
Hi Junelle,
That'd be so exciting! Intending to go again in the autumn - would simply love to experience the park in the autumn light. Any plans yourself for timing? Believe I saw the lady with the wildlife photos outside the MET, though from a distance in a car as my walking was very limited. Must go see her next time. Unfortunately the quality of my own photos are not that great. I forgot my camera (can you believe it!) so all snapshots are done with my iPhone.
Hi Kat,
Aww, that sounds so sweet. You're often on my mind and you've inspired me to think about how to spread a little bit of magic in every given situation.
Hugs ♡
sunshine said…
Hello Joan! I am so happy you are back and that you enjoy NY and the birdies, isn't it nice to have those connections with such creatures, very amazing.
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I am happy that you are back, your and your wonderful posts have been missed!
Thanks for your sweet words Mariasol!
Yes, it's a real blessing having such connections - it keeps reminding me of the sweetness of life. There's plenty of "bigness" that can make life sour if it wasn't for the sweetness of "littleness".
I so love it!
Anna E said…
Really beautiful pictures - the atmosphere comes right through the screen and into the room! Could imagine the two first pictures being made into paintings and hanging beside each other on a wall-I would surely love to have those in my livingroom, sweet and lovely :-))
Aren't you a sweet heart Anna :-)

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